Ralph Zig Tyko, A Facebook Friend…

February 16, 2011 at 3:41 pm (Kittatinny Camp, Unzipped Thoughts)

…  is a friend indeed. Here’s a link to me at Facebook… and at Baseball Fever, where I often contribute. I’m more apt to be found there, these days, than here. Be grateful I don’t twitter. :-)

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  1. GARY KAUFFMAN said,

    good morning ralphie,
    i needed your smile this morning….
    marcia had a stroke yesterday and is in ICU….
    it cheered me to see your caring face…
    and all the pleasant memories you represent….
    it reminds me that life IS good…
    and will be good again.
    hope you are well…
    regards, gary k

    • gary kauffman said,

      I returned to the blog tonight and see that an update is needed. My wife, Marcia passed away in December 2010….thankfully, it happened painlessly, peacefully and quickly….4 months have gone by now and i guess it is a little easier to accept that it happened……but the emptiness prevails. hopefully the passage of time will be friendlier. Good friends make the feelings easier to take….reminding me that life and hope springs eternal. hopefully, the future will bring some greater goodness and life will once again have joy in it……regards, your friend, Gary K

      • Ralph Zig Tyko said,

        Deepest condolences, Gary!

  2. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Gary, I’m so very sorry about Marcia. That seeing my “smiling punim” brought you anything good, at this time, brings me joy. My phone numbers have gone puff. Please call me at (510) 827-5837, when you can, if you can… Keep the KLC spirit, and we’ll all meet on the back of the green panelled truck, with the benches fom the rec hall.

  3. Barbara Stewart said,

    Gary, although I don’t know Marcia, I hope she is doing well and recovering well. However, I do understand the warmth that emanates from Ralphie’s face. It always makes me feel better to see it or an e-mail from him.

  4. Barbara Stewart said,

    oh, and Ralphie – I was just thinking about that truck a day or two ago. You forgot the canvas cover in case of rain.

  5. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    YES, the canvass!! :-)
    Thank you, Barb, not only for the nice wojds, but for your continued contribution to the KLC thread on my blog. I come here, myself, every day, to laugh and cry…. often togsrher.
    Love and luck!..

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