Champagne on Ice…

September 15, 2006 at 8:28 pm (Baseball, New York Mets, Unzipped Thoughts)

…Mets fail to clinch but we have a winner. He’s Joe Mahtalotz who correctly named the late Richie Ashburn as the man who named the ‘Marvelous’ one, just that… sadly, these Mets icons both died far too soon…

On a happier note [and it would have to be], the ol’ ‘perfeser’ Casey, not only lived to a ripe old age but once told Marv, on his birthday, that he [Casey] was going to get him a cake but was afraid he’d drop it… all of this reminds me that the late and truly great Warren Spahn, my all-time pitching idol [Willie, of course, overall], often noted that he played for Stengel before AND after he was a genius… Spahn pitched for Casey’s inept Boston Braves and later in their careers was a pitcher/pitching coach with Stengel’s Mets, forming the oldest battery in baseball history with Yogi Berra in 1965…

why is it that i remember this stuff so easily, but can’t ever remember where I left my keys?. Come to think of it, being a ‘child of the sixties’ may have a lot to do with it…

I have a woman friend, also a ‘child of the sixties’, who is going through menopause. she gets hot-flashbacks… please tip your waitress, but be sure to return her to an upright position…


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