Dodgers Clinch /Fandom Explored

September 30, 2006 at 8:59 pm (Baseball)

As I type, the Dodgers are breaking out the bubbly, having clinched a playoff spot. For me, this sucks blue goldfish. It’s been 55 years since my grandfather took me to my first game ever at the Polo Grounds, the year that Bobby Thomson hit the “Shot Hoid ‘Round Da Woild” I learned of the Giant/ Dodger rivalry. When we went back, weeks later, Willie had been called up, wearing #26. Being a NY Giants fan meant rooting against the Brooklyn Dodgers. When both teams moved to California, I continued and continue to root for the Giants when they played the Dodgers.

Now as for the American League; I’ve decided to ‘fan [not play] out my option’ with the Angels and sign with the Boston Red Sox [and, as a result thereof, I swear to root against the Yankees – an easy job]. I hereby pledge my allegiance to the “Sox O’ RED” and will root for them in every game they play, except of course when they play the Mets. It’s all so convoluted, this fandom stuff…

More when I’m ready, it’s my blog and I’ll type when I want to. Sorry Ms. Gore.


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