Nancy Pelosi…

October 29, 2006 at 9:42 pm (News & Politics)

…the next Speaker of the House, has been spouting rhetoric about “getting along with our President Bush”, bringing our country together, etc… Not to worry, fellow Democrats. Truth of the matter is, once we regain Congress, papers will be filed to impeach said fascist pig W, as soon as possible. This is an illegal war waged to enrich the “Haliburton Crowd” [the oily oil people] appease the right winged religious fanatics that financed his “elections” [in direct violation of the Constitution – obliterating the line between Church and State] by “Christianizing” the Muslims. The price we’ve paid has been the killing and/or maiming of thousands of duped G.I.s, tens of thousands of innocent civilians and the death of the spirit of this country. Get out the shackles and take this evil man away in chains… Strong message to follow.


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