Katrina Revisited

October 31, 2006 at 10:09 pm (News & Politics)

Years ago engineers determined that the levees in La. would not/could not withstand the effects of the hurricanes that [due to “global warming”?… Why, yes.] were a certainty to arrive. Money was allocated to repair said levees. ‘W’ [pronounced doobiot] than diverted these funds to fight terrorism in Iraq [I equate that with fighting mosquitoes in Alaska]. When the levees broke and predictions of death and destruction came true, guess who received the Navy contract to re-build these levees? Don’t have to guess, I’ll tell you. It was Hali-freaken-boiton. If you can read these words and hold down your breakfast, more power to ya. As I told my niece when she didn’t like my writings about her grandparents [see last week’s blog], that Garcia said it best. “Don’t shoot the messenger”.


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