Kittatinny Camp, Part 1

November 2, 2006 at 10:12 pm (Kittatinny Camp)

If you attended summer camp as a kid, you probably think that your camp was the best. Did you go to KLC? If not, you’re simply wrong. It wasn’t its gorgeous setting that made the Camp, my camp, the best ever. Any words I can conjure up will not pay justice to the rolling hills and countryside, but its physical splendor pales in comparison to the wonderful folks who came together to form our community. Most of us were returnees. Not one or two summers, but year after year we kept coming back. Directors, counselors, kitchen help, custodians [anybody remember Bob Jennings?] and campers alike returned. Cold winters in New York and Philly were warmed by formal reunions. I was unable to attend the last reunion five years ago, but I hope not to miss the next one. Maybe we can come together and gather around the Totem Pole and once again cheer on the Green Team. Are Alan Sacks and Judy Race still Team Leaders? Is Dick Trout on the Waterfront. Marge, how’s he doing? Craig Pearson? Hoagie Bock? Davey Kristol? Johnny [H-a-double r-i-s-o-n spells] Harrison? Louie Naleboff is gone. Uncle A is gone. Chuck Smeren, too. Victor [Froggy] Gross died in Viet Nam. Andy Goodman, the Freedom Fighter, also died a hero’s death. Milt Blatt passed away a few years ago. Sue Berger also passed. And last week I read that my old bunkmate, Phil Karr, died. I’m deeply saddened. RIP Doberman.


  1. florence fisch baskas said,

    I went to KLC in the 1940’s for about 10 years, the best times of my life .anyone out there my age 78 ???????? Head counselor was Gwen Herman , and of course Uncle A was in charge If you were there during those years contact me , would love to find Gay Rubin , Rayna Jane Brody or any others of my era ?????????

  2. Leah said,

    Wow I remember Dick and Marge and Hoagie. I was there in 1969 and 1970. My mother Ella ran the canteen one summer.

  3. Joan Braderman Bloomgarden said,

    I was a camper in 1956 and 57, a CIT and CA in1960 and 61 and then a counsellor for the next 4 years. If anyone needs the “General Rules Governing Green and White Competition” I still have them!

    Loved camp. I’ll aways treasure my memories there and the wonderful friends, cousellors and campers that I shared my summers with.

  4. WALTER LeVINE said,

    I was there from 1945 to 1956 and remember Louie Naleboff, as he was my bunk mate every year. Returning many years later, I swore I could see him sitting on the fence by the canteen, waiting for the mail truck! I have noit seen Alan Sacks in quite some time, although I did see him frequently as we both attended Rutgers at the same time, and many years later we had offices down the block from each other. I am trying to confirm that Buster Crabbe (pre-Flash Gordon) was the waterfront director before Uncle Bob and that Jerome Robbins(pre-Broadway) put on shows in the Boys Rec Hall? I do recall that Chuck Bednarick (a Hall of Fame football player for the Philadelphia Eagles) was my counsellor the year he graduated college. Were any other celebrities campers, counsellors or employees of KLC?

  5. Fred Hartman said,

    Flo Fisch

    I rember you…short and blond.

    I also rember Gay Rubin…I was a bunkmate of her brother, Alan.

    • Arthur "Whitey" Lieber said,

      Fred, You must have been at KLC around the same time as Flo and I. Sorry, I don’t have a clear memory of you. Flo is more grey than blond these days. Ditto for me. The white blond hair is now all grey.
      Take care. Arthur “Whitey” Lieber

  6. Arthur "Whitey" Lieber said,

    Hello everyone,
    Just finished spending a wonderful hour on the KLC site. I was at the camp from 1943 t0 1947 ending up as a waiter. Flo Fisch is my cousin. What marvelous times…those were the best days of our lives. Uncle A’s homilies at mealtime. One of my counselors was a lank tight end from Pa. Ralph Levin. Also remember how many of the counselors disappeared in WWII from one year to the next. Some of the campers in my time were Joe Amdur (a retired eye surgeon who lives in Gainesville, Fla and with whom I am still in contact), Gerry Schwartz, Fred Warsofsky, Lenny Pine, Mel Mendelson, Gerry Leitzes, Stanley Schwartz and others. I am not sure I remember Fred Hartman. We’re all past 80 now. I live outside of Geneva,n Switzerland. If anybody comes across these lines and knows the whereabouts of some of the above-mentioned, I would love to hear from them. Must add, that I was saddened to read about the demise of KLC in 1973.
    Arthur “Whitey” Lieber

  7. Fred Hartman said,

    Whitey, I remember you well, as well as the others you mentioned. I also remember your brother Joel. Some of my contemporaries were Lenny Schwartz, Stan’s brother and Marty Warsofsky, Fred’s brother. I was at KLC from 1944 – 1956. Tex Levin was also my counsellor. Hope you are well.

  8. pam levine said,

    Hi all, I’m Rayna Jane Brody’s daughter. My mom died in 2004. I just thought I’d let you all know.

    • Ralph Zig Tyko said,

      I am so sorry to heatr that, Pam. May she RIP.

  9. fredhartman1 said,

    Still visit this website periodically. Always hoping to hear some news about the old days. I suppose there aren’t that many of us left. Just saying hi to anyone who might remember me.
    Still see Jerry Levin and am in contact with Judy Race Fruchter. Sorry to say that Larry Boff recently passed

    • Ralph Zig Tyko said,

      RIP, Larry. :(

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