Gerry, we knew you all too well

January 2, 2007 at 11:16 pm (News & Politics)

Not only did you pardon Nixon [see earlier blog], but your staff included the likes of Rumsfeld and Chaney. My buddy, Bill Kuhn [“Tinkerman”, but we’ll save that story for another day], brought up an interesting point. Why does no one mention the Warren Commission? I can just picture family visits. “Grandpa, tell us the story of the magical bullet. How did it get on the gurney in Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, in pristine condition? Tell us ’bout the Grassy Knoll. So many witnesses turned up dead, Grandpa. What’s with that? How did JFK’s head go backward, if he was shot from behind? Grandpa, we don’t buy it, dude.”


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