That little old libertarian, me.

January 2, 2007 at 11:14 pm (Unzipped Thoughts)

A few months ago I read that the government forced KFC to remove the trans fats from their tasty meals. Since I’m a fan of the “Coinel” and because of my desire to prevent death, I was delighted. After all, advertisements promised that the taste was the same. Now, rather than limit my “finger licking good” experience [the chicken version] to only twice a year, I’d be able to indulge my digits more often. Today I laid down my fin and tried the new version. It sucks. The roll tastes the same. The mashed potatoes still remind me of the beloved Dee Dee Sharpe. The chicken, although edible [barely], simply does not taste the same.

I suggest the government sticks to what they do best. Invade countries for their oil, try to convert them to Christianity and get mixed up in their Civil Wars [yet again]. Use the premise that they have WMDs.

Don’t try to “save” a bunch of oxygen wasting porkers from themselves. After all, said fatties will only go home, fry up some cheese and eat their eighteenth pork chop of the day while washing it down with a six pack or three. If one wants to clog an artery, Uncle Sam ain’t gonna stop ’em.


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