Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, and Nancela

January 6, 2007 at 11:16 pm (Family & Friends)

Nancy #1 is my buddy, Nancy Wilson [not the singer, the humanist]. Sadly, her sister recently passed away. My condolences. I’m so so sorry for her loss.

Nancy #2 [pun intended] is an over-reacting meshugene [Yiddish word meaning whacko]. Her slanderous remarks directed at me were responsible for my 2 1/2 week paid vacation. Thanks, I needed that.

Nancy Pelosi, Madam Speaker, put the Pig Bush on notice that the war in Iraq WILL end. This is not only the will of Congress, but that of We The People. Hopefully, some day, said pig will be held accountable for this horrific situation. You go, girl.

Nancy Nadel, an Oakland, Ca. Councilperson, is on the Board of Advisors of the non-profit organization, “People Care 4 Day Care“. Her advice and inspiration are vital to the cause.

Last, but not least is Nancela. She along with the non-Nancy, Phillip, light up my life.


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