Getting hooked on Fantasy Baseball

March 17, 2007 at 1:10 pm (Fantasy Baseball)

It was easy for me to become addicted. Rotisserie/Fantasy Baseball is an extention of the betting pools I participated in at Newtown High School during my misspent yute [sic]. We’d each choose three players from a given team [while others picked combos like Mays-Cepeda-McCovey from da Giants or T. Davis-W. Davis-Wills from dem Bums, I’d be risking my gelt on F. Robby-Vada-Bell, pride of the Queen City]. Oft’ times Mantle-Maris-Berra took my lunch money, as I recall. The results were based on the combined productivity of the chosen players [hits, rbis, homers, etc.]. That night we’d beat feet to the candy store for the late box scores. “Did da News get here. Where’s da News?” Now we get “da news” instantaneously.

Billy Boy said it best back when we joined our first Fantasy Baseball league in the very early ’90s. “It’s like having a freaking job.” This was back before the internet made keeping up with injuries and player transactions an effortless experience. Free agents are a “pick and a click” away. Back then, we’d have to wait for the Thursday mail to gain bragging rights.

The big news this week for the Sea Otter sis my trade of great closers. I got Billy Wagner for Mariano Rivera. Much easier to root for the Mets and the Otters [not that team, the Otter team… Aside, who’s on foist?].

I’m hoping that the Otters become “America’s team”. Each player, fan and vendor will be dressed in an all-wool cap and flannel uniform… Hey, it’s my fantasy.

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