Kittatinny Memories From Dick Berk

March 18, 2007 at 8:01 pm (Kittatinny Camp)

Funny how people find your words on the Net minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and even years after you write them. An old friend from Kittatinny, Dick Berk [a few years my senior], has memories that cross, weave, and blend into my own (reprinted with permission):

I read the KLC from 11/06 and a few names jumped out. Since you mentioned Trout on the waterfront , it was Bob Smith (Old Joe Mulyavah) when I was there. Craig Pearson was one of the instigators of the 1999 reunion. I, too, am waiting for the next reunion but it takes someone on the East coast to do it since most of the people are there. According to Carole (Hoffman) Biron and George Biron, who were the area sponsors, getting a place for a reasonable amount of money as well as the required insurance and guarantees was extremely difficult.

Do you recall the Lock Haven counselors, all athletic and religious? Budd Beringer passed away in 2002 and George Dintamin is a retired professor, having been involved in speed training (he was a track, baseball, and football star at Lock Haven) and has a number of books to his credit. Chuck Bretzin was a catcher and also fit the same mold.

In 1960 a number of us were in Atlantic City and went out to dinner with a picture commemorating the event – Lenny Fairorth(?), Lew Gordon, John Harrison, Steve Rotman, myself and my brother Bob, and Jerry Blatt. It was before the big bucks hit town and walking the boards was the event at night.

Keep the news coming. Hopefully people will return to the Kittatinny Camp site on Google to continue the dialogue.



  1. Mrs. Charles Bretzin said,

    Chuck is sleeping or he would be on here writing to you. He had a fantastic time at Kittatinny Camp and often his group would howl as they discussed some of the fun they all had there. We had five sons, but the oldest passed away with heart and diabetes problems, thus we have four who are very active with their family and friends. They live in New York, Ind., Virginia and Vermont. We also have 11 grandchildren and I am sure that CHUCK will want to know more about you. I hope that you read and respond soon! I am so happy that I decided to google the Bretzin name tonight. That is how your article popped up! Mrs. Bretzin

  2. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    What a thrill, Mrs. Bretzin! I’ve such fond memories of Chuck and the entire Lock Haven crew. I’ll continue to blog about those days.

  3. Dick Berk said,

    I am happy to hear that Chuck is alive and well and (re)productive, but sorry to learn of his son’s passing Having never met Mrs. Bretzin I can only assume that she isa marvelous person since Chuck was that way, exactly. Never a harsh word, never negative, would always see the glass half full. I am privileged and honored to have spent summers with Chuck and the rest of the LH crew. The availability of the intrnet has made renewal of old acquaintances and friends just around the corner. I am also happy to hear that Chuck enjoyed his time at KLC as I did. I am just surprised that more people have not googled up at the Kittatinny Camp site.

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