New York Mets, Riding High in April…

April 4, 2007 at 10:58 pm (Baseball, Fantasy Baseball)

…shot down in May? We’ll burn the “May bridge” when we get there perhaps, but what a nice start the boys are off to. John Maine, the man I cut to get Julio [of the Jorge variety] for the Otters [my fantasy team], pitched a great game. Julio sucked for the Fish [in real life] and the Otters in the equally important world of Fantasy Baseball. If Oliver Perez and young Mike Pelfrey stabilize the back half of the rotation, Pedro can time his return for some late season tune-up for the playoffs. If not, what with the pressure that Omar faces to win in Gotham, I fear he’ll end up rushing him. If only Steve Phillips didn’t trade Kazmir.

The Otters, America’s team, showed some sign of life today. We woke up in 7th [12 teams] place after the first full day of competition. Santana got a win and Dempster a save today. Cain chipped in with a decent enough outing. It could have been terrific. He was breezing along when Giles popped, shooting him down in April – long before May.



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