The Yankees and the feelings they evoke in me.

April 9, 2007 at 5:38 pm (Baseball, Fantasy Baseball)

This is strange. Maybe because at age 60 I’m not exactly headed for the first roundup, I find myself sitting here in front of the TV hoping that the likes of Pavano and A-Rod succeed. As a kid growing up, one picked a team to love and two to hate. I was a New York Giant fan and a New York Yankee [and Brooklyn Dodger, I might add] hater. One can argue the merits of Willie vs. Mickey and the Duke – and I did, never ever losing a debate – but there was, and is, no argument about which of the three teams was superior. For numerous reasons [some already covered in these writings and some to follow] I now root for the Dodger carpetbagging bastards of southern California to beat the Giant carpetbagging bastards of northern California [Fantasy Baseball interests not withstanding – Cain goes tonight].

So, as I peck, Pavano [of the Carl variety] is proving his mettle with a terrific outing. A-Rod popped, yet again, and he just may catch the Hammer before the Injector does. One can only hope. After all, they were the team *not* to leave NY. I also hope he does it in a Yankee uniform. And I hope that the good ship Steinbrenner is alive to see it. And, most of all, I hope that I’m alive to see it.


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