“Haller Throws To Hiller, Hiller Throws To Miller…”

April 10, 2007 at 3:27 pm (Baseball, Fantasy Baseball)


Danny Kaye had an incredible career that he topped off with his rendition of the “D-O-D-G-E-R-S SONG.” Sadly, of the three Giants players featured in the cleverest verse of said song, only Stu Miller survives. He, a former NY Giant without whom the ’62 Serious [that’s how Rose Niss said it] would not have been played in San Francisco. How many of you remember him being blown off [not on] the mound at Candlestick? That said, the ’62 Mets got to the junk baller for three in the ninth in my computer game today. I may be understating this, but wins for that year’s version of the Metropolitans were somewhat hard to come by [as Casey would have said, “You can look it up.”].

On a gloomier note, my number one draft pick for the SO [ Sea Otter, America’s team] in my fantasy league, Alphonso Soriano, couldn’t be sucking more. Reminds me of the Soriano character in “Major [Russo is hot] League.” In the movie, Soriano is the hero in the end. I’m an optimist [bong always half full, rather than half empty], so I’ll be patient and trust the process. I’ll take deep breaths, remember to repeat my mantra, get a voodoo doll, and rub my crystal. If all that isn’t working by June, I’ll make Jesus my personal savior… or at the very least, my personal gardener.


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