Basement Bertha, Here I Come.

April 13, 2007 at 4:20 pm (Baseball, Fantasy Baseball)

For the much better part of the last two weeks the Lovely and Provocative One has been telling me that it’s early and they’ll come around. Mainstay hitters such as Soriano, Tejeda, Roberts, and Helton have floundered and Wright has been wrong. As I peck, Zach Duke is being racked up. Bonds just took him deep. This can be the day that our Sea Otters, America’s team, slips into the cellar of my Fantasy League. Rats [and stronger epithets].

Aside, it’s Jackie Robinson week in baseball. Let’s take a moment to remember a man who made things particularly difficult for #42. He’s Joe Garagiola. Joe finished his mediocre career with the 1954 NY Giants, picking up a ring. I remember him, teamed with Red Barber, doing Yankee games. As he made clear in his autobiography, Red had no use for him. Garagiola went on to do the Game of the Week with Tony Kubek. He was glib and wrote several mildly amusing books. He’s done charity work for B.A.T.S., the folks who take care of destitute baseball people. Based on that, there’s been talk of voting him into the Hall of Fame. Give me a break.


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