Bush just may reach Hitler-like numbers… Ms. Pelosi, can you read this?

April 18, 2007 at 5:53 pm (News & Politics)

Two of my best friends are suffering from diseases that can and will be cured one day by the results of stem cell research. With that in mind, excuse my lack of diplomacy. Or not.

The puppeteers who pull the W strings [Rove and Cheney] insist that said research won’t occur on their watch. After all, they blabber…yada, yada, yada. Meanwhile people continue to die and suffer. We can thank the extreme right winged religious wackos [redundancy] to whom this lame administration is indebted.

In addition, there is a better than fair chance that invading a country for their oil, under the false pretense that they had WMD may lead to nuclear war. This can push him up to the six million dead range with one push of some madman’s button.

Once again, Nancy Pelosi, I implore you to get it together. The Democrats have both branches. It was our understanding that the funding of the war was to stop. If W vetoes your legislation, is impeachment not in order?

In the words of the hard throwing right hander from Sacramento, David Borges, “Do something, meat, even if it’s wrong.”

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