Little People, Trouble Right Here In River City.

April 28, 2007 at 11:57 am (Unzipped Thoughts)

I accidentally caught an infomercial starring the almost late Mickey Rooney pimping some insurance policy that probably precludes benefits paid for folks not vertically challenged.

Point is the “Mick” seems to be getting up there in age and if and when he catches croakitis, for the first time in recorded little people history, they won’t have a celebrity representative. [Tattoo from Fantasy Island was my favorite. I’ve a tattoo of Tattoo on the smaller of my butt cheeks.]


My 736th greatest fear is that someday these little spinners will be a thing of the past. I implore you to stop telling your kids not to smoke for fear of growth stunting, or else there may just never be another Billy Barty.

Don’t ever say all I think about is baseball.

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