Woidpress Is Messing With My “PP”

June 10, 2007 at 10:56 am (Unzipped Thoughts)

It started when I set my categories here on Woidpress. Because for years, while doing comedy, I was billed [when I wasn’t going under the name Zig Zagman Jr. or 93 year old Max Gornisht] as “The Unzipped Mind of Ralph Tyko,” I chose “Unzipped Thoughts” to categorize the uncategorizeable crapola that I planned to spew.

The computer gawds had other plans. They took, and continue to take [every eight hours or so] one of the letter ps, leaving it to read “Unziped.” Each time I edit they re-mess with it. Sometimes throwing a bunch of ps in the word.

It then read “Unzippppppppppped.”

I’ve tried to rename the category, “Zig…isms” [clever, huh?] but “Unziped” comes back. I’ve tried to cancel the category and add a new one. No luck. I’ve written to Woidpress time and again. My password has been changed. I’m out of ideas.


Edited to add: A nice gentleman named Mark, from WordPress, has been working to fix this “problem” and things have been holding steady for a few days.

Edited to add: Back to “unziped”. Oh well. As a wise man once said, “That’s the way it goes, first your money than your clothes…”


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