Kittatinny Camp Pictures from Ann [Karr] Grodin

June 14, 2007 at 8:03 pm (Kittatinny Camp)

How nice it was to hear from my former bunkmate’s [the late Phil Karr] sister, Ann. She was also at Kittatinny and sent along an email with these photos and a promise of more to come:

“Philip was almost 3 years younger. I think I stopped going to camp in 1961. I was a CIT there. I remember Ellen Hader and Betsey Braverman. I’m sure the names will start coming back to me.


photo #1


photo #2


photo #3


photo #4


photo #5


photo #6


photo #7


photo #8


photo #9


photo #10


photo #11


photo #12


photo #13


photo #14

If you can put names to any of these faces, it would be great!

A reminder to all: If you have Kittatinny Camp photos, you can email them to me at and I’ll post them.



  1. Ann Grodin said,

    Let’s see- another friend of mine was Marilyn Blum. The last photos are of 2 guys that I either had crushes on or dated. Who remembers! That is also another photo of Ellin Hader. The woman reclining on the lawn was a counselor, but I don’t remember her name either. I think that Judy Race is in the middle of the group in front of the bunk. Hopefully someone else will have a better memory than I do.-Ann

  2. dick bewrk said,

    Great pictures! Photo #2 is of Marilyn Blum and Ellin Hader. The others are too small for me to recall – older people need bigger print.

  3. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Bob Berk writes:
    “I was looking at the pictures – photo #14 under the heading Kittatinny Camp Pictures from Ann [Karr] Grodin – shows three faces and requested names…if you recognize the visage.
    I do not know the years of the pics but it is possible that the lower left (approximately 7 o’clock) matches with the name Mark Sussman (1 year at KLC with busboys).I presume the pic came from (busboys in 1960) the “cut-out” from that picture.
    I match that pic with the little bit of black shirt, recognize me (Bob) and my brother Dick, George Biron, and Art Freed (?). Since Mark was at KLC for one year, and that face is very similar to his, I presume that is him.”

  4. Ann Grodin said,

    Yes- that is Mark Sussman! Thanks for helping me remember- I cut out that photo after camp to put in my wallet. I must have had a crush on him and probably showed his photo as my boyfriend to impress my school friends!
    I remember it was a big deal to be old enough to sit under the apple tree next door to the dining hall.
    Isn’t this fun!
    I also found 2 mimeo newsletters that were done by Louis(take a number) Nabeloff. They are really faded and don’t think I can scan them. Should I mail them to Ralph? Ann.

  5. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Yes Ann, this is *great* fun. If you can’t scan Louie’s newsletter chances are I can’t. Louie had a heart of gold.
    Keep reading the blog. Pictures that Dick Berk sent arrived today. I’ll have them posted soon. Bob Berk promised to send pics and I’ll post some more of mine soon, as well.

    To one and all:
    Please send a link to any former KLCers you’re in touch with. Keep those comments coming.

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