More Kittatinny Pictures from Ann [Karr] Grodin

June 15, 2007 at 3:43 pm (Kittatinny Camp)

Pictures have been slightly enlarged in order to see faces. Whom do you knowsc000c363c1


Photo #3








  1. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Dick Berk informs that pic #7 is that of Milt Blatt and the Busboys, 1960, his last year at camp. He writes, “Jerry Levin was not there, and I do not see Joe Shmukler at all nor Craig Pearson or Steve Cabot. However from the front to the back, L to R: Barry Bickman (I think) and the others are unknown by name but they look familiar. The 2nd row is Milt Blatt, George Biron, Me, Richard Carmosin, Art Friedman, and either Buzzy Singer or a lookalike. And the last row is Bob and on the other end Herb Wolowick. I don’t know where the others were that day. Isn’t it amazing how a few years just erase memories of little import but retain those that are as clear as the day they occurred?”

  2. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Another message from Dick Berk:
    “On Ann’s pix #6 the front row left is Caryl Zeit, 2nd from right is Ellin Hader, and back row left is Marilyn Blum. I don’t know the others. If she would have written the names on the girls on pix#1 more clearly it would have been better. But I am sure that there is someone out there who recognizes them.”

  3. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    I’m sure Joe Shmuckler is front row center in picture #7
    Is Dave [The Horse] Fineman pictured front row right?

  4. dick berk said,

    In pix 7 that is not Joe. Please look at the recent pictures that do have him and note the difference in hair, face, shoulders, and arms.. I, however, have NO IDEA who the person is in #7

  5. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

  6. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Re. pic # 7
    Perhaps it was Pud Smith, a basketball player from North Carolina who spent a summer at KLC and hurt his knee, as I recall.

    • Helen Schwartz Pearson Freedman said,

      Re: Pud Smith: A basketball player named “Pud” from North Carolina was at camp and went with Joan Braderman that summer! Will check with Joan to see if she rememebrs his last name.

  7. Bob Berk said,

    I don’t recognize the name “Pud Smith” from that year. Also, is that hair on the upper lip?

  8. Bob Berk said,

    That is NOT Dave [The Horse] Fineman – Dave was a bit younger than those in the picture.

  9. Dr. George "Big Train" DINTIMAN said,

    Great to see these photos after 48 years. A wonderful group of campers, counselors, bus boys, etc. and fond memories.


  10. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Welcome George,
    I’m Glad you found the blog. It’s our memories that keep camp “alive.”
    I’ll gladly post any pictures you have of KLC.

  11. Dr. George "Big Train" DINTIMAN said,

    I’ll look through the photo books. Good to hear from you.


  12. Barbara Burton Stewart said,

    In Ann’s picture No. 1, it looks to me like the top right is Joan Braderman and seated, second from left, is Helen Schwartz. I think that was a couple of years before I got to KLC – my first year was 1960.

  13. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Welcome aboard Barbara… I had the pleasure of getting to meet Helen Schwartz’s and Craig Pearson’s son at Craig’s 50th birthday party/roast in Mesa, Az. He’s since completed his education and is practicing law in Los Angeles. Craig is retired and has moved back to join his brothers, Billy and Stanley, on the Joisey shore.

  14. Barbara Burton Stewart said,

    Thanks for the welcome, Ralph. I have a couple of pictures I ran across to send – I know somewhere I have a lot more. How do I get them to you? I have them on Word, but I can convert if I have to. I was a KLCer from 1960-1967. Craig’s 50th birthday must’ve been a while ago as he is older than I am and I’m turning 60. But what’s 15 years out of 45? I know – 1/3. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

  15. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    You, and all who’ve drank from the Artesian Well, are welcome to send me pics at
    I’ll post them along with any memories you care to share… As I found out last November [I turned 30-30, myself], it beats the alternative.

  16. Bob Berk said,

    In “More Kittatinny pictures from Ann (Karr) Grodin, # 3 (1959) and # 6 (1060), I can’t think of her full name but the name “Nemo” comes to mind – the girl on the front row, right,

  17. Barbara Burton Stewart said,

    Is it Marilyn Nemo? I don’t know why that name came to my mind. . .

  18. Bob Berk said,

    M. Nemoroff?

  19. Barbara Burton Stewart said,

    Could be – that sounds more familiar than Nemo.

  20. gary kauffman said,

    it is true…klc lives forever in our hearts and in our minds…..
    i came to klc in 1946 at 4 years old…and stayed until the 1972
    closing…..a klc honor bunk plaque adorns my bedroom wall….best wishes to all my camp friends….and a special hello to cookie rubin….regards , gary kauffman

  21. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Picture # 5
    Chuck Rait is on Milt Blatt’s right [our left].

  22. gary kauffman said,


  23. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Barney Cable from Bradley, Gary… I’d love it if you’d contribute some of your pictures to our site.

  24. Judy Race Fruchter said,

    Hi all….I just got an email from my sister Roz with this site. What wonderful memories all of the pictures and comments bring back. I’m still in touch with several KLCers and will pass this along. To Bob Berk and Ann Karr, I think the name you’re trying to come up with is Marlene Nemeroff. She was in my sister’s bunk. Judy 1950-1962

  25. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Hi Judy,
    I’m glad you found the site. I have such fond memories of Mickey. He was a great tennis teacher, replete with as sharp a sense of humor as anyone I’ve ever met. May he rest in peace.
    And you, Judy, I remember as the Green Team Co-Captain with Alan Sacks. We won. :-)

  26. Bob Berk said,


    Thank you. I could see her face and hear her voice but could NOT remember her name…such is the wisdom of age. :-)(

  27. Helen (Schwartz)Pearson Freedman said,

    Can’t believe all the memories as each person finds Richie’s site and writes in! Ann Karr beat me to sending in our bunk pictures and what a bummer that she remembers Ellin and Joan but not me … after all on our 1959 photo she wrote”I’ll never forget you”! Remember writing on our bunk pictures!
    Here are the names on Ann’s photos I can identify:
    #2: Sue Goldfarb
    #3 Bunk 13: Ann Karr, Hope Singer, ???, Ellin Hader, Sue Goldfarb, Me(Helen Schwartz), Marlene Nemiroff
    Small individual photos, bottom right is Ellin Hader
    Bunk pictures:
    Back row: Lin Solomon, Ellin Hader, Trina ??, Joan Braderman. Ann Karr
    Front: Counselor Myrna ?, me (Helen Schwartz), Counselor Carolyn who was married to a male counselor, Freddie Rothstein, ??
    #2: 19 ??…need go back to the picture to confirm names I jotted down but for now:
    Back row: Betsey Wattenberg(from Connecticut), Jill Shore, Sue Goldfarb, Ellen Hader, Ann Karr
    Front row: Sally Waldman, Counselor? Me (Helen Schwartz), Counselor, Freddie Rothstein
    Back row: Sue Goldfarb, ?? ,Judy Race, Hope Singer, Marlene Nemiroff,
    Front ?? Caryl Zeit, Ann Karr
    1961 CITs/CAs
    Back: Joan Braderman ??? rest??
    Middle??, ?? Carol Hoffman, Ellen Hader
    Front: Ann Karr, Caryl Zeit, Aunt Jennie, Marilyn Blum, me (Helen Schwartz

    Joan Braderman(Bloomgarden) and I have kept in touch at least twice a year all these years. Also, my sister Susan and Ruth want to be rememebred. You’ll see them in my KLC photos when I can send them. Want to scan and enlarge them before sending. I gave Chuck Rait the 1958 KLC Klarion! …and a bunk picture from 1960 of CITs and CAs. Come on Chuck …give those to Richie please :-) I have a few more Klarions I’ll send to Richie for him to post what he’d like.
    I’m sick at home with pneumonia but as soon as I get a little stronger I’ll check the above IDs and see what I missed when I listed them. Will write and catch everyone up on my life in Arizona. Thanks to those who have contacted Craig in his nursing facility outside Atlantic City.
    Can’t close without noting the many campers who married someone from KLC: Natch I’ll list Craig Pearson and me, Gail Goldis and Stanley Pearson, Judy Race and Mickey Fruchter, Carol Hoffman and George Biron. Who am I missing? Joe Mulyava the matchmaker!
    Hugs to all,
    Helen Schwartz Pearson Freedman


  28. GARY KAUFFMAN said,


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