Cindy Sheehan Back in Fray

July 8, 2007 at 9:08 pm (News & Politics)

I’ve made no secret about my disappointment. Nancy Pelosi has refused to play hardball with W’s puppeteers, and the funding of the horrific war in Iraq continues.

In a week where Republicans [including Newt Gingrich] are jumping off the shit-wagon that is Bushville like rats off a sinking ship, Cindy is back.

Aside that she excepts no responsibility [either for herself or her late son] for putting him in a position to catch croakitis [long before her son reenlisted, it was determined that there were no WMDs and that the war was bogus], she remains the face of the [so far] ineffective “revolution” and I’m delighted she’s back in action. She and her son made the mistake of believing not only the fascist pigs in office, but also the lying bastards who assured us that once they were elected last November…

Like her or not, Cindy does more than sit around, simmer, rant, and type sarcastic remarks. That’s more than I can say for my dear old self.


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