Watching Ball, Like Never Before.

July 28, 2007 at 1:01 am (Baseball, Unzipped Thoughts)

For me [the man I love], technology has met opportunity. This season, with still 1/3 of it to be played, I’ve seen more games on television/computer than I watched in my first 55 years of fandom, *combined*. Here are a few thoughts:

Omar Visquel does things with the leather to amaze on a nightly basis. Only one other in history compares. I’d have loved to have seen more of Ozzie Smith… Were it not for the record he set, often to the determent of his team, Cal Ripkin’s Junior [sic] would not be a first round Hall O’ Famer. Alan Tramell deserves to be standing in the surly man’s place this weekend… Barry Zito’s signing will hurt the Giants in more ways than his horrible stats. The way he’s handling his failures can’t help but influence the likes of Tim Lincecum [who’s 96 mile an hour fastball and “elbows and asshole” delivery promises an early burnout], Matt Cain, and Noah Lowry. When the fire-sale comes [and it’sa comin’], the classy Matt Morris will be gonzo and the three prodigies will have only Barry Z to look “up” to. That Zito came to camp, after the questionable signing, with a *new delivery*, says it all… Met pitchers, on the other hand, have the classy Tom Glavine as a mentor… Brewer Ryan Braun’s rookie-year numbers are awesome. If he played in NY, you might have heard of him… Does Ray Durham or the home plate umpiring, in general, suck more? Not an inning seems to go by when a call or three doesn’t seem kosher. Gamblers tout the men in blue to set the over/under spread. If the inconsistencies are obvious to them, why can’t MLB see the forrest for the trees?.. Andruw Jones is Willie-like in center… Mark Ellis, Kotsay and Eric Chavez’s combined defensive heroics takes a point and 1/2 off the A’s pitching staff’s ERA … Kenny Lofton’s teams all wind up in the playoffs. Joe Morgan was that way. Why does the, now, three time Indian not get more credit?.. Nick Swisher and Travis Buck are fun to watch. A’s will be back on top of the A L West next year… Mike Piazza, healthy enough to DH, but not catch, will hit 15 more homers this season. He has as pretty a right-hand hitting swing as there is in the game…. Russell Martin is the best young catcher in the game… John Lester’s comeback outing, with his parents being interviewed during the game, brought goose- bumps… The A’s need to fire their entire medical/training/conditioning staff… The Joe Blanton [cheesecake for breakfast, cheesecake for lunch, and in between- cheesecake to munch] for Lastings Milledge trade may very well go down, after all… Yes, Manny is being Manny. Check out his numbers… Lou Piniella and Bobby Cox are far and away the best managers around… We are all *very* lucky to have announcer Jon Miller in our midst…The Braves have the best farm system since the post- war Yankees…

…Whether he used [uses?] or not, Barry has us *all* mesmerized, like no other since the Babe.


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