A Great Baseball Week

September 3, 2007 at 2:26 pm (Alameda, Baseball, Family & Friends)

My gumba and fellow baseball fanatic, Andrew Dosa, and I shared three nights of baseball together in three different cities. It was terrific.

Tuesday, we caught the Blue Jays in Oakland [ten minutes from home in Alameda]. The heat wave we’ve been experiencing in California, makes for great night-ball weather.



Wednesday we drove to the state capitol, Sacramento, to see the River Cats, featuring manager Tony DeFrancesco [the former catcher and teammate of Mo Vaugn at Seton Hall who is pictured bellow]. I believe Tony will be the next A’s manager, if and when they dump Bob Geren.

They may be a minor league team, but their prices are big league.



We stopped for a Zelda’s Pizza in Sacramento. Zelda passed away, we learned, but I was able to contain my grief long enough to gobble down three large deep dish slices. RIP, Zelda. Small consolation perhaps, but your employees are enjoying the health insurance the new owner provides, and the pizza is still fantastic. The best in California.

Saturday we went to Stockton to see the Ports, the A’s high A team in the California League. The later two cities [A’s farm teams, both] have brand new stadia that we were seeing for the first time. Both are wonderful. Stockton’s is especially charming. Quite an upgrade from old Billy Hebert Statium.



Watching young players on their way up [Daric Barton], or in some cases [Danny Putnam?] on their way down, is and always has been, the highlight of my baseball season.

Thanks for your company, Andrew.

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