Bringing Home The Dupes

September 15, 2007 at 8:59 pm (News & Politics)

On the heals of “W” approving a modest troop reduction, our esteemed Secretary O’ Defense du jour, hints that more troops than Bush estimated will soon come marching [limping?] home. Maybe it occurred to them that being in the middle of another country’s [un] civil war is *never* a good idea, brain train.

As predicted here, it’s now apparent we lost the war [crusade], spent trillions of bucks in so doing, and ended up killing and being killed by a bunch of folks who hate us more than before we “liberated” them. On top of that, veterans’ hospitals are still in the process of not caring for victims of other wars and/or police actions. Not much in the budget for a current crop of rookies.

Ralph Nader was accurate. We need a third party, comprised of folks who aren’t in any way connected to the ones presently controlling us.

On the afternoon of the anniversary of 9/11, last week, I stopped by to see a former socialist comrade. He’s posing [“passing?”] these days as a conservative who clings to the belief that his heroes Gonzales, Rove, and Libby aren’t just a new version of All The President’s Men [Scumbags], Ehrlichman, Dean and Liddy. His Nixon-like American flag lapel pin almost made me puke, as does his newly found political ideology. He continues to defend a bogus war and a fascist administration. On my next walk, I’ll choose the sunny side of the street.

We’ve both been so let down by our respective parties, as have our fellow Americans. What is particularly galling to me [the man I love] is that those folk with Halliburton stocks in blind trusts, are laughing at us over their caviar.

… and the beat goes on.


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