Mets tanking? The Sea Otters Drowned.

September 18, 2007 at 8:12 pm (Baseball, Fantasy Baseball, New York Mets)

As I peck, the Phils have gone ahead and threaten to come within a game and a half of the Mets. Being a fan of the Amazing Ones oft times is not easy. El Dukey is rumored to be more seriously hurt than is being reported… On a happier note, Pedro’s comeback has been tremendous. Jose Reyes is Hall O’ Fame bound [if he stays away from health and head problems], and David Wright can someday run for Mayor. They’re getting their new stadium and the Wilpons don’t back away from spending money. Being a fan of the Amazing Ones is oft times not easy.

The team I manage in my fantasy league, the Sea Otters [Amerika’s Team], fell out of contention last week with a resounding thud. Not a thrill. Highlights of the year include Thome going deep for # 500 as an Otter, picking Ryan Braun and Spencer Pence the day they were called up, and finally having the sense to settle on Mark Ellis [who tripled in three this evening] as my second baseman… Lowlights, you ask? Not enough cyberspace to detail, but trading Brian Roberts for fellow Alamedian Dontrelle Willis [a third of the way in] and dumping Josh Beckett before the season for Vernon Wells aren’t shining moments.

Next year? A long wait.

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