Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants Rivalry Alive…

September 28, 2007 at 2:29 pm (Baseball, New York Giants)

… and well, thank you.


I came across a terrific site, Baseball Fever, with threads covering virtually every aspect of the game of baseball.

I was immediately drawn to the “Teams of Yesteryear” section. The Boston/Milwaukee Braves, St. Louis Browns, Philadelphia A’s, Seattle Pilots, among others, are included along with the Bums and Jints. Members post pictures, links, and their memories of the past. They relive not only the winning and losing, but entire experience of fandom.

Here is a random example of some of the topics currently discussed:

< Should the results of the 1951 National League season contain an asterisk [*] because of allegations by former Giants catcher, Sal Yvars [pictured below] that signs were stolen illegally and passed on to Bobby Thomson? [Yea, right. Over my dead body.]


< Should the Mets wear the NY Giants cap?

< Should Walter O’Malley be elected to the Hall of’Fame? [As an aside, O’Malley is still more hated than Hitler and Stalin.]

< Alston and Koufax.

< Carroll “Whitey” Lockman’s birthday. [Christ, he’s 82]

< How popular was [sic] the Dodgers outside of Brooklyn?

Personally, my biggest regret about the move of my, then, beloved Giants [and for that matter the Dodgers] is that New York didn’t retain eminent domain on the names.

It’s been 50 years this month since the Dodgers and Giants left New Yawk for California. Time sure flies when one isn’t having quite as much fun with our grand old game.

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