The Hawk, Of The Connie Variety…

November 9, 2007 at 8:06 pm (Life & Death)

… is ailing, rumor has it.

Connie Hawkins was the first “Doctor J.” He soared like no one else, before or since. The “Hawk” and Roger Brown were schoolyard legends in New York City. Connie got caught up in the basketball scandals, was wrongly banned from the NBA [he sued and won a million bucks], and was later reinstated when he was well past his prime.

Few saw him in in his heyday when he toiled in the ABA. As great a player as he was, he always made time for the fans.

I highly recommend that you read his autobiography, “Foul” by David Wolf. It, and Connie, are both classicconnie-hawkins.jpg

Here’s a link to some vintage Hawk on you tube.



  1. Terry Shore said,

    Hope he is OK! Came to my 40th birthday as a surprise guest. He is truely a superstar on and off the court!

  2. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Let’s hope for the best, Terry.

  3. tom trikilis said,

    there was nobody like the hawk!!!!!! just the way he held the ball ,moved it around his body like as if it were on a string. Fortunately having lived in phoenix from 1968 thru 1976 the 5years he played there i saw at least 140 games he played in, my dad had seasons seats. The commentators that talk about great passers dunkers and ball handler S know nothing about the history of the league. Man could this guy put on a show, he was like watching a dancer play ball he just didn’t dunk he floated. He was the most spectacular passing forward ever period…………. On his best nights i’d rather be watching connie than anybody. present or past, he was beautiful to watch, one haND REBOUNDS AND ON AND ON AND ON. YOU WERE SPECIAL AND I’LL ALWAYS REMEMBER THE FUN I HAD WATCHING YOU CRAYT T

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