Fred Hartman, Kittatinny Camp

January 16, 2008 at 3:21 pm (Kittatinny Camp)

“This is a picture of Dave Jacobson, one of my 1946 Counselors. I don’t remember exactly when, but he made the Totem Pole [by himself] by chiseling it out of a tree. The picture was taken on Joe Mulyavah Day.”


“This is a picture of of me with my 1948 counselor George Senesky who was a pro basketball player in the NBA with the old Philadelphia Warriors [before they moved to San Francisco, and then Oakland]. He later became their coach.”


[Tyko adds: This is a picture of George Senesky, taken from his 1948 Bowman Basketball card]


“My 1955 Bunk:”

Rear row [L to R]

Alan Sacks, Steve Richter, Steve Race

Middle Row

Larry Lewen, ? Weiner, ?, Joel Blatt, Art Baskin

Front Row

Stan Leitzes, My co- counselor Will Williams [I think], Me, ?

“My 1956 Bunk:”


Rear Row [L to R]

Louie Naleboff, Lee Herman [?], Don Balaban

Middle row

Joe Shmuckler, Jerry Levin, Todd Boff, ?

Front Row

?, Me, My co-counselor George Colfer,?




  1. Bob Berk said,

    Is the name of the person, bottom row right next to George Colfer, Arnie Dietch and the person next to Fred Shelly or Larry Karabell ??

  2. dick berk said,

    Second row is LARRY Boff and Alan Goldfarb; and 1st row is Shelly Karabell. It is a pleasure to see these again, especially Fred whom I recall as the color war captain. Keep ’em coming.

  3. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    I received an Email from Fred Hartman.

    “I would like to thank the Berk twins for filling in the missing names.


  4. dick berk said,

    Just a short adendum tro the 1955 picture. That is Paul Weiner in the 2 nd row next to Larry Lewin. Note that he has very straight shoulders – he broke his collarbone and was in a figure of eight brace and couldn’t participate in athletic activities during color war. While the other people unnamed look familiar, I am unable to name them. It should be a reminder to ALWAYS identify those people on the back of the picture for future reference…like now.

  5. Jerry Levin said,

    To Fred Hartman

    I would like to get in touch with you. Please e-mail me at
    It was great to get the pictures and read all the comments. I am a Kittatinny
    junkie, still very close friends with Larry Boff and Judy Race Fruchter.

    Your camper,
    Jerry Levin

  6. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    An email from Bob Berk:


    The pictures from Fred MAY not identify the people correctly
    1956). I KNOW that the person next to Jerry Levin is Larry Boff, not
    Todd Boff. I don’t recognize the person next to Louie Naleboff as Lee
    Herman – I don’t know that person’s name…the question mark is valid.
    My mind seems to recall a person with “sharper” features – same build
    but the name IS a ?.”


  7. Andrea Boff said,

    Larry Boff is my uncle. That is POSITIVELY Larry Boff. In fact, I sent the picture and the link to him, hoping he will respond!


  8. Larry Boff said,

    The person next to Lee Herman is Dr. Don Balaban. Fred, I know that you have seen Jerry and look forward to the time that we too can meet. Todd Boff sends his regards.

  9. gar kauffman said,

    that is definitely lee herman next to louie naleboff…both have been gone for years, sadly. don balaban was the older one i think of the family and that is him next to lee.

  10. Ellen Naliboff said,

    I research all variations of the surname NALIBOTSKY. My husband’s family came to Brooklyn from Rakow, Minsk about 1905. I am interested is knowing about Louie Naleboff from the 1958 camp. Thank you.

    • don appel said,

      HEY FRED, DON APPEL HERE. We spent several years in the 40s as bunkmates
      and if i am correct you lived in ParkchesterI- don’t know why I rememer that.
      I recall many of the names of our bunkmates and I will look for picture to post
      I just heard from Richie Rheiner, if you remember him. I live in ATLANTA GA. AND
      IF YOU HAVE TIME I’D LOVE YOU TO EMAIL ME AND CATCH me up to the last 60 years. As you did, I loved camp and have some of my greatest memories are from Kittatinny.

      • Fred Hartman said,

        Donnie Appel, a name from the past. We were bunkmates from ’45 or ’46 thru ’50.
        Along with Richie Cirlin, Richie Karp, Bob Levin and Mel Soll to name a few. You can contact me @ I’d love to hear from you or anyone else.

    • Ralph Zig Tyko said,

      Louie was a warm, caring person. He had an encyclopedic mind for baseball statistics, and anything related to the history of Kittatinny Camp. He was a friend to us all. May he rest in peace.

  11. Fred Hartman said,


    Every few months or so I go to the Kittatinny website and invariably I find a comment or two I missed before.

    To me it’s like reliving my past. My summers at KLC were the best times of my life.
    Thanks to you and the others who have written and sent in photos, I can ” go home again.”

    • don appel said,

      fred hartman a name from the past I remember you lived in parkchester am I correct
      IT WAS GREAT TO FIND THE kITTATINNY SIGHT. i HEARD FROM richie rheiner and he tod me of it. I can thinkof most of the names of the kids in our bunk,nd i will search for pictures rom the 40s.

  12. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Thank you for the nice woids, Fred. I shed a tear or thirty each time KLC enters my consciousnesses… mostly tears of joy.
    Have a terrific summer, one and all.

    • dick berk said,

      Just a brief update of some of the people in the picture Stan leitzes and Joe Shmukler. I did my surgical rsidency at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago and Stan was an ortho resident at the time. He wound up partnering with another orthopedic surgeon who was a severe germophobe. And Stan eventually left Chicago. This was in the early 70’s. JHoe changed his name the Shurman and is an anesthesiologist and pain specialist in the San Diego area at Sharp Hospital.

  13. Larry Boff said,

    The other day I had a wonderful experience having lunch with Jerry Levin, Mike Weiner and Fred Hartman. I had not seen Fred in almost 50 years and he looks great.

    • Fred Hartman said,


      Great seeing you Jerry and Mike again. You guys look wonderful and it was great reliving ” the good old days.” I’m looking forward to doing it again on my next trip up to NJ.

  14. joe shmukler shurman said,

    when is the next reunion.???….I am living in la Jolla, calif…..and chair of pain mgt/anesthesiology at Scripps hospital….and chair of pain mgt Casa Palmera and medical director of nature and culture international,,,,,the kittitany years were some of the best years of my life….miss you all Joe shurman

  15. dick berk said,

    Thanks for correcting my data. I was out there in San Diego as an intern at the University Hospotal on Dickinson St, and lived on 9th Ave in Hillcrest. Currently I also survey cancer and Breast programs for the American College of Surgeons and was at the MOres in the summer. The people told me you were in the area but I was unable to stay around by that time.
    There have been 2 reunions, one in 1983 and the other in 1999. If you stay on this blog I am sure that a new date for another reunion will appear. Good to know you are still practicing in God’s country. Attach an email or address next time.
    My email is

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