Sister Mary Zig Promises Giants Return To New York

January 21, 2008 at 10:21 am (Alameda, Baseball, New York Giants, Sister Mary Zig)


WZIG in Alameda reports that, if elected Pope, the good [but not great] Sister Mary Zig promises to buy Major League Baseball and return it to it’s post-war glory days. The original 16 teams will return to their proper homes. The Braves to Boston, Giants to New York, A’s to Philly and the Dodgers to Brooklyn. The O’s would stay in Baltimore, but Mike Veeck , the son of former St. Louis Browns owner Hall O’ Famer Bill Veeck, will be given ownership. The remaining franchises will be disbanded and their players drafted.

Sister Mary Zig, whose girlhood hero was Sister Mary Schnoorer who was known as “The Sultan Of Beg,” pledges to return elderly, retired nuns to the entrances of ballparks, kettles blazing.

She sure has my vote!


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