The Greatness Of Derek Jeter

January 30, 2008 at 2:50 pm (Baseball)

Turns out, intangibles…


… don’t begin to tell thje story of Derek Jeter’s career.


Pete Rose 2337 through age 33

Derek Jeter 2356 through age 33

Jeter has 19 more.

Whoda thunk?


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  1. Dave said,

    I’ve been a Derek Jeter fan for years and he’s legitimate. Pressure doesn’t bother him, and while he’s no David Ortiz (of the Red Sox), Jeter’s pretty deadly in the clutch. This is perhaps why he is so good in the post-season, because Jeter tends to do what the situation requires for his team, The New York Yankees, to triumph. I cannot put Alex Rodriguez in the same category. While Mr. Rodriguez has gaudy power numbers, it seems he disappears in post-season situations where his power would best be served. On the other hand, usually the best pitching shows up, and this is where the inside-out swing of Jeter really frustrates opponent pitching. He doesn’t try to swing for the fences. Jeter just puts the bat on the ball and that is usually good enough for a single, double, triple, and (circa World Series 2000 against The New York Mets) a clutch home run. Jeter’s older now (13 years since his first days of performance in 1995).

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