13 Days ‘Til “Pitchers And Catchers”…

February 5, 2008 at 10:52 pm (Baseball, Fantasy Baseball, New York Giants)

and for the first time in years the off-season was so exciting, the season itself will be a bit anticlimactic, I fear.

< First this winter, the Bonds saga continues to continue… Will Barry Bighead remain free, let alone ever play again?

< Johan Santana signed, by my beloved Mets, now must live up to being the highest paying pitcher in history. No small trick in NY.

< The Mitchell Report hit baseball like a ton of syringes.

< There remains continued speculation about the Orioles trading Eric Bedard to Seattle and Brian Roberts, who is Baltimore’s leading fantasy player and a former and future [I hope] California Sea Otter, to the Cubs.

< As an aside, I suspect Peter Angelos, who has taken this once proud franchise down the tubes of late, will soon tire of the game and sell the team. It doesn’t seem like he’s having fun.

< Dusty Baker as the Red’s manager promises to be an interesting, if not a long, tenure.

< Finally, there’s Roger Clemens’ fall from grace. Brass balls must come in “raisin size,” as we are finding out by the tons of circumstantial evidence and the former icon’s denials. He now rates right up [down is more like it] there with Richard Nixon, Pete Rose, and Larry Craig.

I’m ready. Let the inter squad games begin!

Here’s a favorite Spring Training image of mine. New York Giants shortstop Alvin Dark looks on as second baseman Eddie Stanky poses. [circa ’51]



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