Is Christian Science An Oxymoron?

February 16, 2008 at 2:59 pm (Baseball, Unzipped Thoughts)

The image of this press pass for the 1969 Seattle Pilots, the team Jim Bouton wrote about [and Leonard Shecter so brilliantly edited] in his classic “Ball Four,” on my favorite baseball message board, Baseball Fever, made me smile…


… so I posted the question, “Isn’t Christian Science an oxymoron?” After a few days I received this message from one of the many fine moderators:

I received complaints about your post about Christian Science being an
oxymoron. Unlike at least one of the complainants, I’m not real
concerned about it as an insult to Christians, but it does cross the edge into
being non-baseball, so I deleted it.”

In the future I plan to not “cross the edge into being non-baseball,” if I can.

It’s been said that I’m quite trying. :-)

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