Injured Once, Injured Forever?

March 7, 2008 at 3:37 pm (Baseball, Fantasy Baseball)

Since the Sea Otters are undefeated and I’m happy with the players I have, I feel a sermon coming on about how to win at Fantasy Baseball.

First and foremost a little spirituality. Repeat after me. “Hail Mary, full o’ grace, keep my ass in first place.”

Mike Hampton

“Mike Hampton’s left elbow still hasn’t provided any problems and his right hamstring hasn’t been aggravated. But the Braves hurler’s list injury woes grew longer on Friday, when he injured his right groin.” So said

Add Hampton, Milton Bradley, Moises Alou, Ken Griffey Jr., Rocco Baldelli, Kerry Wood, Jim Edmonds, Nomar Garciaparra [dos Garcias… no comprende], Bobby Crosby, Ray Durham, Mark Kotsay and Eric Chavez to your list of players to avoid in the draft or to trade off your fantasy team.

As was the case “back in the day” with Dizzy Dean, one serious injury often leads to others.

The trick is to pick the players who’ve never been hurt, and not likely to be hurt in the future. Avoid pitchers with unorthodox deliveries [Tim Lincecum] and position players who “play with reckless abandon [Nick Swisher, Eric Byrnes].” Avoid players who’ve been rumored to have poor work habits. Not stretching properly accounts for twenty five percent of injuries.

Injuries aside, if your guy is willing to do the “little things [hitting behind a runner]” for his real team that contribute to winning, he’s a detriment to your fantasy team.

Baseball and Fantasy Baseball are similar only in the sense that they’re both games.



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