Opening Day Presidential Toss [My Cookies]

March 29, 2008 at 4:52 pm (Baseball, News & Politics)

In 1951, the first year I can remember being a baseball fan, Harry S. Truman [a crafty lefty] threw out the first pitch in Washington. Casey Stengel [far right] seems bemused.


Tomorrow lame duck, schmuck George Bush will throw out the first pitch to Washington Manager Manny Acta. Traditionally the recepiant of thie ceremonial peg is the catcher. Not this year. National’s backstop John Lo Duca is up to his “tools of ignorance ” in the steroid scandle.

Well guess what, sports fans? The former owner of the Texas Rangers [George W Bush], along with every owner, executive, manager, coach, player, and trainer in Baseball are [if not directly involved] guilty of contributing to the cover-up.

It serves no purpose to further embarrass Lo Duca, who has already copped to his wrong doings.

I hope I live long enough to here the fascist pig W cop to his criminal war crimes “wrong doings.”

Yea, like that will happen.

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