Baseball [Uniform] Numbers Game

March 30, 2008 at 3:44 pm (Baseball)

When the New York Yankees signed Morgan Ensberg…


… to a contract, he was assigned uniform number 21, which he wore in Spring Training. Not since Paul O’Neill…


… left the team in 2002 had those digits been worn by a Yankee. That tradition will continue. Ensberg will where the number 11 made famous [infamous] in the late 1950’s by Hector [whose nickname was “What A Pair Of Hands”] Lopez.


Morgan wants to wear #14 but currently his teammate Wilson Benemit…


… dons Bill”Moose” Skowron’s…


… and Gene Woodling’s…


… old digits. Ensberg offered Benemit $5,000. “No deal,” said Wilson.

Stay tuned, sports fans, this drama is not over.



  1. Baseball News Aggregator » Baseball [Uniform] Numbers Game said,

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  2. Baseball [Uniform] Numbers Game said,

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  3. Adam said,

    The only number I would worry about with Morgan Ensberg is 0, as in number of games he plays third assuming prince Alex doesn’t get hurt

  4. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Aside that I think Morgan will end up being a major contributer to the Yankees this year, uniform numbers are and always have been important to me, the man I love.
    Here’s a trivia question. Who wore #3 after Babe Ruth and #7 before Mickey Mantle [Mick first wore #6 in 1951]?

    Answer: Cliff Mapes

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