Kittatinny Camp’s Victor [Froggy] Gross

April 1, 2008 at 7:12 pm (Kittatinny Camp)

My former bunkmate at KLC, Dave Kristol, sent me a link to an interactive Viet Nam Memorial website. He looked up Victor Gross.

May he rest in peace.

One Victor’s cousins, Craig Pearson, has been very ill of late. I’m sure he’d enjoy hearing from his old KLC chums. I spoke with him last week and he is really struggling. Let me know if you’d like his mailing address and/or phone number.


  1. Jim Schueckler said,

    A web site similar to the one you linked to above opened in 1997.

    THE VIRTUAL WALL Vietnam Veterans Memorial at
    has thousands of personal tributes to the fallen in the form of letters, photographs, and citations.

    THE VIRTUAL WALL does not accept donations, fees, or advertising in order to honor the fallen.

  2. Barbara Burton Stewart said,

    I’m so sorry Craig is not doing well. I remember him, although I’m sure he probably doesn’t remember me – I was MUCH younger (now we’re probably about the same age!). CRAIG – YOU WERE ALWAYS A CLASS ACT IN MY EYES. Please get better!!

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