Ilana [Lanni or Lana] Dunner, Kittatinny Camp

April 23, 2008 at 1:05 pm (Kittatinny Camp)

From my email:
I just came across the Kittatinny camp site–I went to KLC in the 1960’s- to early 70’s—I have a photo of all the PC’s (I think we were called)==bunks 14 and 15–We must have all been 15 years old
It would be amazing to have a reunion in Dingmans Ferry—I am sure there would be enough people interested–if we just e-mailed everyone on these sites–that would be a beginning.
Anyway, I am attaching the photo that I have.
I am Ilana Dunner–known then as Lanni or Lana. My sister Naomi Menikoff went to camp as well and so did Ronnie Cohen, with whom my sister is still in touch.
Thanks so much
Ilana (Lana, Lanni)


  1. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    Let us know where to find you in the picture, Ilana, and who your bunkmates were.

  2. dick berk said,

    Color photographs – what will they think of next!!??

  3. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    It dates us all, Dick. :-)

  4. Bob Berk said,

    Maybe identify a name to the face…and yes, it does date us.

  5. Ilana Dunner said,

    names of people in color photo of bunks 14 and 15:
    bottom row, left to right: Joanne Burton, Jill Ehrenberg,Barbar?, Ilana (Lana, Lanni) Dunner, Marta, Helen, Meg Charney, Leslie Haber, ?, ?

    top row, left to right: Mindy Dickler, Lauri, Jane, Linda, Debbie Kordanski, Lynn, Valerie Sanders, Nancy (Counselor), Barbara Burton(counselor) Melanie Kutner(counselor), ?

  6. Barbara said,

    That sort of looks like Joanne – I’ll have to send it to her so she can verify. However, the counselor was Bobbie Diamond, cause I was never a counselor. Actually, that summer I think I worked in the office. The end of the first row in the picture is, I think, Ellen Green, an counselor next to Bobbie Diamond is Nancy Golden.

    Lanni, tell Naomi and Ronnie I said hello. If you look at my pictures, you’ll see Ronnie and Bobbie.

  7. Ilana Dunner said,

    Barbara I am planning to post a reunion get together for July 4th at Layton Bar—It is still there—send me your e-mail so I can send it to you

  8. Barbara said,

    Hey Lanni – I read the info above – I’ll have to check it out with my other half. We usually have a 4th of July barbecue but we haven’t discussed that yet. However, I will pass along the word to the few people whose e-mail addresses I have. How/where do we sign up? Did I miss something?

    By the way, I checked with Joanne; and she said that is she and she has the same picture. Hope you said hello to Naomi for me.

  9. iris rait said,

    hi all,
    i went to the reunion that was held several years ago in new hope pa(?)
    i don’t remember who put that together, but they had a hugh turn out and if anyone can get in touch whoever put it together it would be a great start for the next one…………..please keep me in the loop. i went to klc from 1956 to 1968 (i think)
    i look forward to hearing from you
    iris rait

    • Meryl Topchik said,

      Iris – I have been looking to track you down for years!!! How are you?!!

  10. Ilana (Lana or Lanni) Dunner said,

    anyone who is interested in having the reunion and even if you aren’t go google Kittatinny Camp and then go to Kittatinny Camp 1968-1970 -click and then go to the reunion news—way at the end is the kittatinny reunion information—If July 4th is not good someone can suggest another date and place even. I didn’t hear about the reunion in new hope–I wish I had—can someone find the person who organized it and get them to send out a e-mail to all those who attended

    • Meg Charney Stone said,

      Hi! Thanks for sharing the picture….would love to go to a camp reunion…please keep me in the loop…how are you?

      • Jill Ehrenberg said,

        Dear Meg,

        What a kick to see that photo – how and where are you? Just heard about this site yesterday and would love to get back in touch and catch up. Let me know the best way.


        Jill E.

  11. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

  12. dick berk said,

    The reunion in Horsham Pa (not New Hope) was instigated by Craig Pearson but formulated by the Birons (George and Carol), and it was a great deal of work. In any gathering of that size there is a need for security deposits, room reservations and the guarnatees, and the time spent in coordinating eveerythjing as the “point man” presnt. Living just outside Chicago puts me betwen the coasts, more East than West, but would favor the East. Last reunion had people come from as far away as Florida and california and that was spread by word of mouth. At the time there was a listing of all those who attended and their contact (I think). This is now 10 years later but I suspect that many of these addresses and e mails are the same.

  13. Ilana Dunner said,

    If anyone has a contact for George and Carol—can you contact them to get them on board and get the list that they have.

  14. Carol and George Biron said,

    Thanks to Bob Berk for the heads up. The Reunion of which you speak occurred in the Fall of 1999 at a catering establishment in Horsham, PA. It took about a year to arrange and plan. We actually did go to the Layton Bar to see if it would fit our needs. Because the interest was so great (campers from the 20’s thru the 80’s came), we decided on an indoor venue that could hold and feed a large number of people. Also, we needed room for dancing and socializing with plenty of parking and hotel space nearby. The effort, though, was well worth it. We would be glad to talk with you, Ilana, if you are planning a possible reunion. It would be wonderful to see everyone again. If you could email us your phone number, we will call you. We have been back to Kittatinny several times and even though the buildings are gone, the wonderful memories continue.

  15. Ilana Dunner said,

    thanks for responding–you didn’t leave your e-mail address–so please e-mail me at
    look forward to hearding from you.

  16. GARY KAUFFMAN said,


  17. Diane Schwartz Soroka said,

    Remember me. My mom was the camp mother Gloria. Recognize lots of people from the picture and saw some of them a number of years ago at a reunion in PA. Just had lunch with Arlene Salzman Sokolov and we ran in to Ronnie Cohen. Ronnie told me about the site. Love to hear from you

  18. Bob D'Angelo said,

    Was Ronnie Cohen from Queens…

    Bob D’Angelo

  19. Ilana Dunner said,

    Yes Ronnie Cohen was from Queens. She lives in Long Island now.

    As for the reunion—I lost steam on this and basically don’t have much time to get this together—if someone else wants to pick this up –please do so–the date was July 11th a Sunday—
    Ilana (Lanni)

  20. Wendy Kessler said,

    I’m guessing that the KLC reunion isn’t happening this year. I’m sorry I didn’t know about the reunion in 1999- I would have loved to have attended! If anyone is collecting information, I’d like to share mine so that if there is a reunion in the future, I could be notified.

    I would be willing to help put something together for next year… Ilana, would you be interested in doing some old fashioned KLC team work with me? Sounds like a conversation with Carol & George would be a start! I’ll e-mail you to see if you’re interested!!!

    Boy do I remember Gloria! Wasn’t there a Green Team song about her? It was to a song from Oliver, no?

    The only people I recognize from the above picture are Jill Ehrenberg & Leslie Haber (her sister, Pam, was in my bunk).

    I’d love to be kept in the loop!!

  21. Barbara Stewart said,

    Wow, so many posts since I last looked – I guess the reunion won’t be this summer – but with t his much interest, I’m hoping for 2010 – I’ll be happy to help.

  22. Jill Ehrenberg said,

    Dear Lanni,

    I ran into my cousin, Robert Ehrenberg, yesterday and he told me about this site. So sorry I found out too late about the reunion! I laughed when I saw the photo – have one of my own that I keep with my Kiloca paddle. I probably have all of the names stored somewhere, but see Ellen Greene, Linda Bandes, Nancy Greenberg (counselor), Barbara Diamond (counselor), Melanie Kutzen (counselor married to Herb, think they own their own camp now), Joanne Burton and Meg Charney, Helene Cohen and Martha Dubner among others. Glad to be in touch. Do you think we can try for another time? Are most still in the metro area? If so, how about an NYC reunion?

    Hope to hear from you,

    Jill E.

    • Ilana Dunner (Lanni) said,

      As it turned out it was much to much work to get this reunion going in July. Perhaps someone else can give it a try. NYC would be fine. It would be great to see everyone—there certainly is a lot of interest.

  23. Meryl Topchik said,

    Lanni, Jill, Meg, Iris – had no idea there have been KLC reunions all these years. That bunk photo really brings back so many great memories. Would love to hear from you; some of you were not just friends but my big sisters!!

  24. richard weinstein said,

    hi there, i went to kittatiiny camp 1965 till the end. please keep me informed of any camp news. i would appreciate it!! one of my brothers went there also. (barry)my uncle owned the camp. henry moss.

  25. Wendy Kessler said,

    Henry Moss: Longs, boots, & sweaters, middle division!!! Clap your hands & laugh out loud!!!!!!

  26. dick berk said,

    Glad to see some new names. If anyone has pictures that can be posted, please get in touch with “Zig” Tyko who owns this blog and he will get them in place. As far as another reunion, the last one was 7/29/99. Having it in Horsham, Pa (just north of Philly was a function of getting a place that could accomodate the group for reasonable price as well as nearby places to stay. I, for one, would return and live just outside Chicago.
    A list for all the people who attended KLC is not available so it would have to be word of mouth or on this blog.

  27. leslie haber silverman said,

    can’t believe the great picture. It brings back so many great memories. I’m living in NYC and would love to get together for a camp reunion.

  28. Wendy said,

    Hi Leslie… I was in your sister Pam’s bunk for many years! I wish there was a way to get a reunion off the ground… lots of talk, but no action! I tried to contact Carol & George to see how they got it going in 1999, but got no response…

  29. Wendy Kessler said,

    Thought I should add my last name!

  30. Meryl Topchik said,

    Would always be interested in a KLC reunion.

  31. Leslie Haber Silverman said,

    Why don’t we plan a reunion at Layton Bar if it’s still there for May 2011 and have a sign up list. Too much talking, we should just all get together!!! It would be great

  32. Debra Kordansky McKinney said,

    Wow! What memories!

  33. laurie (siegall) berger said,

    just found this site and saw my bunk picture from lanni! remember me? laurie siegall? it is now 2013 but if there is a reunion in the works i’m in. would be fun.

    seeing all these names seems like only yesterday! ha! + 40 or 50 yrs!

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