John Lester No-No A First For Otters

May 19, 2008 at 7:41 pm (Baseball, Fantasy Baseball)

No hits, just two walks and no runs gave the California Sea Otters a boost [as one might imagine it would] in my Fantasy League.

I recently picked up the very brittle but extremely productive [when healthy] Milton Bradley and his and Geovany Soto‘s nice numbers have contributed to my resurgence, such as it is.

Here’s a picture of John Lester celebrating our good fortune:



  1. Bill said,

    Nice game for the Otters!

    Of the last 6 A.L. no hitters 4 of them have been Red Sox pitchers (yuk!). The last lefty Red Sox no hitter was Mel Parnell (the Thumper not included).

    August 2006- John Lester diagnosed with lymphoma. October 2007- Lester is the winning pitcher in the World Series clincher. May 2008- Lester no hits the Royals (sorry Greg Hack where ever you are). It’s been quite a 21 months for the young man.

  2. Ralph Zig Tyko said,

    I’m sure Gregg [the all time Fantasy Baseball maven] has Lester on his team as well… Now let’s see if he can go “Johnny Vandemere” for me [and Gregg, of course]…

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