Stoke Up The Hot Stove, Stanley

November 3, 2008 at 12:11 pm (Baseball, New York Mets)

First and foremost is not Manny. It’s CC. The Brewers have shown interest in joining the sweepstakes. They just hired Ken Macha, the very best guy who was available as manager and a terrific choice no matter who else would have been hovering. Look for them to contend, whether they sign Sabathia, or not. They’re smart enough to go after Matt Cain who can be had for any kind of power [Prince Fielder] thrown their idiotic way, if necessary…

Now to Ramirez of the Manny variety. Perfect fit for the Yankees and New Yawk. Prodigal son nonsense will go over big there. Sad for the Mets, who can use his bat [who couldn’t?], yet they would have a hard time hiding that glove for five years. Dodgers can’t win for loosing. Making the right baseball decision will never coincide with the right business decision n this case…

The A’s are dismal. Billy Beane has lost interest. Perhaps same fear of success complex he suffered from when he was a highly touted #1 for the Mets is getting in the way? Remember, it takes one to know one. The cure for me was redefining success in a way that doesn’t include other people’s expectations. I suggest Beane puts on a uni and manages the team, retaining the control of the front office he so desperately needs. Throw some of that intensity described in “Money Ball” to the field Billy. Columbus [“Chris gonna find Ray Charles,” said Flip Wilson] took a chance, Meat.

The A’s Owner, a man with a forgettable name [at least in this case], once so “ardent a fan,” rarely attends games and has all but given up on meeting environmental issues in Fremont. I’m hoping they move [and move they will- somewhere] to Sacramento, not Las Vegas or Oklahoma City. This is very sad… The good news is that they resigned Mark Ellis [a truly great fielder] and there’s room on the band wagon [but not at the Inn]. Won’t you join me?


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