Kittatinny Camp Picture Request

March 30, 2009 at 7:32 pm (Kittatinny Camp)

Packed away in my boxes of memorabilia,paperwork and other “stuff” are more pictures taken at the greatest summer camp in the history of camps, Kittatinny. I’ll dig them out soon. Please, those of you who haven’t, send me yours, and I’ll post them on this blog.

Here’s a picture of Phil Niss, my beloved grandfather, on a visiting day in 1956. [Pre-addressed postcards to Mr. and Mrs P. Niss would always get laughs in the bunk.]




  1. Art Balinkie said,

    any replies re: KLC reunion on the 4th of July?

  2. dick berk said,

    Art :
    I haven’t heard a thing since the Biron’s post. Having a reunion and doing all the planning to make it successfulare 2 separate entities. There are security issues, guaranteed attendance issues, as well as where the visitors would stay. The last one in 1999 was well planned and took a lot of effort. So far, other than announcing the date, Ihave heard nothing

  3. Meryl Topchik said,

    Have been trying to locate former Kittantinnyites, andn would love to hear from those of you who see this and recognize me from camp!!

    • Lisa Wolfe said,


      I certainly do remember you..the best athlete at the camp….do you remember me.?.I was a few years older..and still am..I remember you were from clifton and had braces..right..I went to camp I think from 1959-1964,

  4. WALTER LeVINE said,

    Just went on line and saw these comments. They do bring back fond memories. I have been in touch with several bunkmates and counsellors, but it has been some time. Buster Crabbe was the waterfront director before Uncle Bob (and before Buster’s Flash Gordoin fame), I understand Jerome Robbins (from Broadway fame) used to do the shows in the Boys Rec Hall. And, I do remember Chuck Bednerik (a pro footballer Hall of Fame member who played for the Philadelphia Eagles) was my counsellor when he graduated college. I do have two pictures of my bunks and a trophy I earned for being All Around Athlete. Tell me where to send them and I will scan and do so. Does anyone remember Louis Naleboff sitting on the fence ready to meet the mail truck, sort the mail and deliver it to our bunks?

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