A’s Add Scott Hairston, 3rd Generation Major Leaguer

July 7, 2009 at 9:03 pm (Baseball)

Only Bob Boone, Gus Bell, and Sam Hairston produced both sons and grandsons who played in the Major Leagues. Quite an accomplishment. Boone and Bell were well known stars of the ’50s.

Little known catcher, Sam Hairston came up with the White Sox in 1951 and had the misfortune of joining them at the same time Sherm Lollar [former Yankee] was settling in as the regular backstop. Consequently he spent the remainder of his carreer as a minor leaguer, where he starred for Colorado Springs. Later, as a scout, he signed his son Jerry whose brother John [the first 2nd. generation black to make the majors], proceeded him to the Bigs for “a cup of coffee” with the Cubs.

Jerry’s son, Jerry Jr. proceeded Scott to the majors.

Pictured bellow is Sam, Jerry Sr., Jerry Jr., and Scott Hairston. [I contiue to search for an image of John.]


hairston jerry sr.

hairston jerry

hairston scott

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