Kittatinny Camp 1962

November 25, 2009 at 8:55 pm (Kittatinny Camp)

Helen sent this text with some great pictures that I’m trying to format:

From Helen (Schwartz) Pearson Freedman

Kittatinny 1956 – 1964

I always tell people that in my youth I spent 10 months of the year awaiting the 2 months at Kittatinny. My sisters, Susan and Ruth, along with the Bradermans, Joan, Bob, and Betsy were the Wilmington, Delaware contingency in 1956. I don’t know when Danny Kristol started, but I should.

Of all my incredible memories from 1956 – 1964, to this day, I hear Aunt Jenny Blatt, my CIT counselor, telling me in my review that I talk too much and need to shut up once in a while. Most honest and best advice I ever got …but I’ve since learned it’s a genetic trait as my lovely daughter has the same problem. :-)

I also will never forget Marge Trout calling me into her tiny back office in 1959 to tell me to break off with Craig Pearson [“because he was a bad influence on me”] or I wouldn’t get camp camper. Marilyn Blum rightfully won that award that year, and Craig and I married in 1965!

Craig and I moved to the Phoenix, AZ area in 1970 in the Air Force and stayed permanently with his beginning his medical practice here. We have two kids, Scott Michael, 41, and  Stefanie Lauren, 37. We divorced in 1984.

Craig has not been well for many years and now is in a nursing facility in New Jersey. He’d love to hear from his former KLC buddies. Ralph or I can send you his address. My email is

I worked in Craig’s office for many years and then to support myself and the kids went in to the hospitality industry in sales and marketing. I’ve been with Hyatt, Pointe (Hilton) Resorts, Phx Convention Bureau, and for the last many years with a trade show company. I still live in the The Lakes community in Tempe, AZ.  Anyone ever visit here?… it’s an unbeatable destination.

Ann Karr, who was our Carol Lynley (beautiful actress back then), beat me by sending in our bunk pictures… applause Ann!

So sorry to hear about your brother, whom we all adored.

Can’t believe you remembered Ellen and Joan, but not me. After all in 1957, you wrote on the back of our bunk photo that you’d never forget me! Joan Braderman and I have always been in touch.

I’ve attached some fun photos with most people identified and sent Ralph some KLC Klarions to peruse. My favorite is from 1969 of Art Baskin, Craig, and Al Sachs sitting at my favorite spot : under the Apple Tree. What memories there! I identified most of the people in Ann’s photos but can’t find my comment… so probably didn’t send it correctly. KLC forever!



Shelley Rapkin Singer, Judy Race Fruchter, Nancy Golden, Michele Berdy, Janet Kodos, and Betsy Braderman are amongst those that appear in this 1962 picture:



  1. Barbara Stewart said,

    Is that Margie Cabot next to Betsy?

  2. Bob Berk said,

    There are 6 names and 8 faces. I can recognize Judy (back row) but who is who?

  3. Lauren Stacy Berdy said,

    A loud shout back through time to
    Ruth ” Ruthy” Schwatz who I remember
    With warmth
    And normally I dont remember much

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