Tejada Takes Triple Crown…

August 30, 2009 at 7:51 pm (Baseball)

in dispicability.

After being named in the Mitchell Report and admitting to having lied to Congress [aren’t they supposed to be the liers?], long time Major League shortstop Miquel Tejada has been accused of completing a unique trifecta. According to an article by Barry Bloom [a terrific, former Sacramento Union sportswriter] back when Tejada was an Oakland Athletic he alledgedly tipped pitches to fellow Dominican opponents. Same Miggy that falsafied his birth certificate.

Hmmmmmmmmmm… I’m beginning to see a pattern here. It just may be that Miggy [not Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens] may end up the “poster boy” for it all…

Here he is, ladies and gentiles, pictured bellow:


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Davey Williams…

August 20, 2009 at 9:38 pm (Baseball, Life & Death, New York Giants)

… the former New York Giant’s  terrific fielding 2nd baseman, who played on the 1954 World Series champions, passed away at the age of 81. RIP, Davey.

 Here’s a picture of Davey [taken in 1951]…


… and  his Topps baseball card from 1951:

davey williams

Here’s a list, thanks to Gary Brown, of the remaining alumni of this once proud franchise:

Tommy Henrich- 2/26/1910 (Coach 1957)
Lonny Frey- 8/23/1910 (1948)
Monte Irvin- 2/25/1919 (1949-1955)
Buddy Blattner-2/8/1920 (1946-1948)
Larry Jansen- 7/16/1920 (1947-1954; Coach 1954)
Artie Wilson- 10/28/1920 (1951)
Charlie Mead- 4/29/1921 (1943-1945)
Les Layton- 11/18/1921 (1948)
Alvin Dark- 1/7/1922 (1950-1956)
Gil Coan- 5/18/1922 (1955)
Clint Hartung- 8/10/1922 (1947-1952)
Hub Andrews- 8/31/1922 (1947-1948)
Red Schoendienst- 2/2/1923 (1956-1957)
Chuck Diering- 2/5/1923 (1952)
Bobby Thomson- 10/25/1923 (1946-1953; 1957)
Hal Bamberger- 10/29/1924 (1948)
Wayne Terwilliger- 6/27/1925 (1955-1956)
Windy McCall- 7/18/1925 (1954-1957)
Joe Garagiola-2/12/1926 (1954)
Harvey Gentry- 5/27/1926 (1954)
Mario Picone- 7/5/1926 (1947, 1952, 1954)
George Spencer- 7/7/1926 (1950-1955)
Rudy Rufer- 10/28/1926 (1949-1950)
Don Mueller- 4/14/1927 (1948-1957)
Jack Harshman- 7/12/1927 (1952)
Billy Gardner- 7/19/1927 (1954-1955)
Stu Miller- 12/26/1927- (1957)
Valmy Thomas- 10/21/1928 (1957)
Al Worthington- 2/5/1929 (1953- 1954;1956-1957)
Daryl Spencer- 7/13/1929 (1952-1953; 1956-1957)
Bill Taylor-12/30/1929 (1954-1957)
Joe Margoneri- 1/13/1930 (1956-1957)
Ron Samford- 2/28/1930 (1954)
Johnny Antonelli-4/12/1930 (1954-1957)
Pete Burnside-7/2/1930 (1955, 1957)
Foster Castleman- 1/1/1931 (1954-1957)
Willie Mays- 5/6/1931-(1951-1952; 1954-1957)
Ray Crone- 8/7/1931 (1957)
Gail Harris- 10/15/1931 (1955-1957)
Ed Bressoud- 5/2/1932 (1956-1957)
Ozzie Virgil,Sr.- 5/17/1933 (1956-1957)
Roy Wright- 9/26/1933 (1956)
Joe Amalfitano- 1/23/1934 (1954-1955)
Bill White-1/28/1934 (1956)
Jackie Brandt- 4/28/1934 (1956)
Mike McCormick-9/29/1938 (1956-1957)

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Jason Giambi Cut By A’s

August 7, 2009 at 4:11 pm (Baseball)

Same Giambi who helped turn BB Record Book Into BB Comic Boook.. so I smiled today.

Giambi was one of the few cheaters who “apologized,” but to feel at all sorry for him because he’ll be getting used to living on something less than a zillion bucks a year, is ludicrous.
A pox on him and those who turned the game into nothing more than a joke.
All of this under the reign of Pud Selig, I might add. [I may later subtract, and long division is a possibility some day. No promises.]
Here’s a picture of the man, a pre-Big League one, who is tied with Duke Snider in homeruns. Same Edwin “Duke” Snider who hit more homers than anyone in Baseball, during the ’50s. Jason Giambi, was a double hitting machine before Mark McGuire took him under his tutalige and paired him with the devil:
jason G

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Pete Rose Bet On Steroids

July 28, 2009 at 8:42 am (Alameda, Baseball, Fantasy Baseball)

WZIG in Alameda is reporting that former baseball star Pete Rose alledgedly bet on the effects of steroids on current baseball players. Since we Fantasy League players have been doing this forfever, MLB Commisioner Pud Selig isn’t expected to add any years to Pete’s lifetime suspention from baseball.

Here’s Pete, doing his best “Jack.”

pete rose

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Two Cities, Two Games…Two Happy Fans

July 7, 2009 at 9:51 pm (Baseball, Family & Friends)

Last week my friend Andrew Dosa and I set out for our annual baseball trip. First a day game in Oakland…


0709 013

0709 012

0709 020

… followed by a night game in Modesto for some great minor league ball. We watched futrue Texas Ranger Ryan Tatusko take a no-hitter into the ninth, only to have it broken up. His terrific effort earned him a one-hit shutout.

0709 024

0709 035



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A’s Add Scott Hairston, 3rd Generation Major Leaguer

July 7, 2009 at 9:03 pm (Baseball)

Only Bob Boone, Gus Bell, and Sam Hairston produced both sons and grandsons who played in the Major Leagues. Quite an accomplishment. Boone and Bell were well known stars of the ’50s.

Little known catcher, Sam Hairston came up with the White Sox in 1951 and had the misfortune of joining them at the same time Sherm Lollar [former Yankee] was settling in as the regular backstop. Consequently he spent the remainder of his carreer as a minor leaguer, where he starred for Colorado Springs. Later, as a scout, he signed his son Jerry whose brother John [the first 2nd. generation black to make the majors], proceeded him to the Bigs for “a cup of coffee” with the Cubs.

Jerry’s son, Jerry Jr. proceeded Scott to the majors.

Pictured bellow is Sam, Jerry Sr., Jerry Jr., and Scott Hairston. [I contiue to search for an image of John.]


hairston jerry sr.

hairston jerry

hairston scott

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Baseball Honors Lou Gehrig

July 4, 2009 at 8:38 pm (Baseball, Life & Death)

On this date, 70 years ago, Lou Gehrig gave his farewell speech at Yankee Stadium. My late mother, Vivian, was in attendance. She remembered, years later, that there wasn’t a dry eye in the house… including Lou’s.


Today, Baseball stopped and paid tribute.

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Yankees, Cubs To Swap Belegered Managers?

June 23, 2009 at 8:26 pm (Baseball)

WZIG in Alameda is reporting that the Chicago Cubs and the New York Yankees are close to finalizing a trade for their respective managers. Sauces confirm that Joe Girardi, pictured below as a Cub…


… and Lou Piniella, pictured bellow during his playing days as a Yankee…


… hope to be in new uniforms by the start of next week.

Will it really happen? Well, the one hitch in the precedings is that, in my not all that humble opinion, it makes too much friggin’ sense… so probobly not. Besides, there are few around with the chutzpa of the late Frank Lane.

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James “Dusty” Rhodes, Woild Serious Hero, Passes Away At 82

June 19, 2009 at 10:57 pm (Baseball, Life & Death, New York Giants)

His truly remarkable feets in the 1954 Fall Classic weren’t what defined the life of Mr. Rhodes. After his passing, earlier this week, former teammates and Hall Of Famers Monte Irvin and Willie Mays both agreed that Dusty was a “brother to we Afro-Americans.” Given the times they played together, where Dusty was born and raised, and that these were the players keeping him on the bench a great deal of the time, I’m concluding that Jim Rhodes was a great guy.
My friend and fellow New York Giants fan Gary Brown knew him well, first as a fan, and later as a loving friend. Gary describes Rhodes as a “funny, gregarious, story teller who left him in stiches.” He’s devestated by the loss, as is his loving partner Gloria. My condolences to them, and the entire New York Giants family.

Dusty Rhodes card

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Milton Bradley, Talented, Disturbed, Fantasy Enigma

May 31, 2009 at 8:55 am (Baseball, Fantasy Baseball)

For the fifth year in a row the California Sea Otter, my Fantasy Baseball team, is “blessed” with Milton Bradley. Over the years [at times], I’ve been able to ride the streaky, emotional, talented [five tools], injury-prone, misunderstood, understood all too well, disturbed Bradley for weeks at a time.

2009? No streaks to ride so far. I’ve drafted, released, reacquired and released him time and time again. He now looms on my bench, once again at the ready. I know that breakout time is coming. Today, I have a hunch, and I’m playing him. I’ll sit the steady Michael Cuddyer.

Here’s an image of Milton as an Oakland Athletic. I wonder if Billy Beane would like him back. He’d look really good in green and gold, again.


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